A pleasure dream

Ezra Finch
7 min readAug 3, 2022

A pleasure dream

An improvement and continuation of a short story I have written previously “A Special Man”.

New headline: “A Pleasure Dream”

I got up that day expecting a great day. It was cold outside, the thermometer showed minus 17 degrees and I put my cold feet on the floor. My feet met the good purple carpet on the floor, and I was reminded how happy I was about this trade. I went through my living room and to the bathroom. The face testified to a night of uneasy sleep when the hairstyle was rough and wild. I had slept alone that night. It was lonely. A few nights ago, I had a visit from the ultimate man. This man was the most beautiful man I’d seen in years. He was mature, grown up and had a twinkle in his eye that was not to be mistaken. At the same time, he looked like a god considering the big torso, the little resilient ass and the long legs. He didn’t need hours at the gym to look good, this man naturally had a good body with no effort. I love the thought of this man lying between my legs where he does whatever he wants. The big chest with manly hair, the wide shoulders, and the big dick.

I couldn’t forget the experience we had together that night, it was hot and passionate. He came to visit late at night. I was lying on my couch, taking a little nap. Surprisingly, I was relaxed enough to sleep a little. I’d spent a lot of time grooming myself that night. I wanted to look good, smell good and be attractive. My thick hair had made some waves and my eyes were sooty black. I wore a light dress, a dress that accentuates my shapes. The underwear I’d dropped, it was just in the way. It felt good to lie on the couch with the blanket around me, feel that the gender was smooth-shaven and soft, I don’t think I fell asleep completely, because the fantasies ran wild and I heard him coming in the door. Still, I couldn’t move.

I woke up from the fantasies of him bending over me, gently tickling my neck, and kissing me on the forehead. I opened my eyes, smiled a smart smile and looked him right in the eye. He didn’t say anything, nor did I. He took off his warm sweater, snapped up a couple of buttons on the shirt he had inside and lay down with me under the blanket. I was hot. It was the kind of warmth you only get after a good night’s sleep. I was tired, and it was nice to have a man…