Before breakfast

Ezra Finch
4 min readJun 2, 2022

I woke up from the branches rattling against the windowsill. The thin, white, almost transparent curtains flickered slightly in the wind, filtering the light into flashy spots on the wall. It was just before the sun came up. The sweet scent of lilacs flowed into the room and mingled with the spicy smell of body.

I was lying naked. I must have kicked off my thin sheet when I was asleep. My body was warm, so hot I could feel it beaming from me. His face was deep inside my hair, and I felt his heavy, regular breathing in his neck. He was still asleep. I twisted his face against him. He still had the sheets over him, but only so that it barely covered his abdomen. His bare torso glistened faintly with sweat, and I could see a drop running down his ribs toward the sheet. The chest raised and lowered itself into a steady rhythm, like a pendulum on a watch.

His hand was exactly where it had been when we fell asleep a few hours earlier. It rested in the pit opposite my hip, and it fit perfectly. I easily stroked it, and further up his arm. I turned to him, as gently as I could, and let my hand rest for a while in the pit between my neck and shoulder. His pulse was tinging in my fingers. I let my hand slide further down, through the hair on my chest, and down to the soft skin on my stomach.

With my other hand, I stroked my own body. Above the rolling breasts and down the belly. I let my hand slide down against my smooth-shaven gender. I was sticky between the thighs of the juices, and the heat shone even more powerfully from there.

I gently pryed my hand from his stomach down under the thin sheet. He was hard. I felt a heat flow through my body and down into my own sex as I took around his hard limb. My breathing got heavier as he did his. He was still asleep, but more worried. I wanted him inside of me, and I was wondering how I was going to get it right without him waking up. I was getting closer to his body, right up until, and I could feel his clammy chest against my breasts. The scent of his body was strong now, a sour, and at the same time spicy smell that filled my whole head. I gently lifted one thigh a few centimetres, just enough for me to get him inside. Then I reassembled my legs and gently pushed my abdomen towards him. His hard limb pulsed inside me, and I could hardly control myself. I wanted him as deep inside…