Bitcoin Billionaire Drowned: What Happens To His Wealth?

Ezra Finch
2 min readMar 29, 2022

A Romanian bitcoin pioneer with a digital fortune of $1 billion has passed away . Mircea Popescu (41), as he was called, drowned off the coast of Costa Rica. Since bitcoins are digitally encrypted, the question is whether and how his assets are accessible to his heirs. The bitcoins may even remain inaccessible.

Costa Rican authorities report that the bitcoin billionaire went swimming in the sea off Playa Hermosa. Popescu was unexpectedly swept away by a strong current and drowned. He died on the spot.

One of the first investors in bitcoin

The Romanian was one of the first to invest in bitcoin and that certainly did him no harm. It is impossible to say exactly what Popescu’s wealth is, but a bitcoin analyst speaks of possibly 30,000 bitcoins. That is equivalent to approximately $1 billion at the time of writing.

Muere ahogado and Costa Rica el magnate del Bitcoin Mircea Popescu; Que pasará con su fortuna?

— El Politico (@elpoliticonews) July 5, 2021

Popescu certainly did not have a good reputation. For example, the bitcoin pioneer would have regularly made sexist and racist statements. “One of the few jobs suitable for women is writing the eulogy for the man,” Popescu stated in one of his essays.

Bitcoins may remain inaccessible

The Romanian has already lived in many different countries, including Costa Rica, Egypt and Mexico. Not much is known about possible descendants or heirs. They can only access Popescu’s digital fortune if they have the code needed to unencrypt it. Should they not have this code, there is a good chance that the insane bitcoin supply will remain inaccessible.