Career switch to tech? These courses from Google make it possible

Ezra Finch
3 min readApr 7, 2022

Due to further digitization, the demand for employees in tech continues to increase. If you hope to make a career switch to that sector one day, it is certainly not a crazy dream. But don’t you have the money and time to do an education next to your current job? Then Google now comes up with an alternative. The tech company is launching affordable courses that allow you to earn a certificate in six months.

We tell you everything you want to know about the Google Career Certificates.

What is a Google Career Certificate?

You can follow a Google Career Certificate on the online platform Coursera. That means you can do the course online and at your own pace. In about six months you will learn everything about a specialization in tech.

Currently you can only participate in these IT courses :

  • Google IT Support
  • Google IT Automation with Python

The following courses are still planned:

  • Data analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer

Google plans to expand this offering in the future.

As good as a whole course?

Kent Walker, Google’s Senior Vice President of Global Affairs, says the certifications at Google itself will weigh as much as a 4-year similar training course. In other words, you don’t have to have an education to work at Google, as long as you have obtained such a certificate.

Although Google says that the certificates weigh as much as an entire training course, that does not have to be the case with other employers. Not everyone can get a job at Google. Obtaining the certificate will probably be an important first step in your career switch, which you will supplement with courses, training and, for example, internships.

Still, many employers will find a portfolio of projects and products you’ve created immensely valuable, perhaps even more valuable than years in school. Companies such as Google, Apple, IBM, Intel, Starbucks and Whole Foods have posted jobs that did not require a degree in the past . Elon Musk also indicated this year that you do not need a diploma to…