Cheating wife

Ezra Finch
21 min readMay 31, 2022

She saw him through the dark sunglasses as she inserted the goods into the car. They had met in the parking lot and exchanged greetings, but she had been quick to apologise and hurried on before she started babbling and behaving like a fallen 14-year-old. It was almost ridiculous how she behaved sometimes, but she couldn’t help it. As soon as she found herself near Thomas, she went from mature housewife to giggling teenage girl in seconds. As she closed the door of the car and watched him wander into the store, her gaze crossed over his body and stored everything they could of information; the broad shoulders, the strong arms, the great ass… He was tall, strong and agile — simply a hot dog. Dark, full-bodied, brown hair… a beautiful smile, a manly voice…

“Nam…” she thought as she saw him disappear into the store.

Lisbet drove home trying to think of something else. It was only when she saw him that these inappropriate gender thoughts were intring — though lately it had gotten worse. The last few times she’d had sex, Thomas had popped up in her head without warning. She had opened her eyes and it wasn’t him, it was of course her dear husband, Rolf, who was lying over her. but she had closed her eyes again and fantasized about Thomas’s lovely body. It was almost summer, and then she would see more of it — out on the beach or on a kayak trip. Wasn’t he the Norwegian champion of sea kayaking or…