Girl and me, plus man watching

Ezra Finch
14 min readMay 8, 2022

For many years I had gone to the same physiotherapist and I had a very good tone with him. Over time, we had discussed everything between heaven and earth and, in fact, sex as well. We had exchanged many experiences and views on all levels and I considered him a friend. He’s good years older than me, I was 35 at the time and he could almost be my father, 52. He was well-trained without one gram too much on his body, but I guess I never thought of him as anything other than a physiotherapist. He was married, but his wife was away a lot on the move and I know he’s cheated on her in the past because we’d talked about infidelity and what it does to relationships. But for him to show me interest, I never thought. But then mistakes can be made.

That day I came to him because I had problems at the bottom of my back after surgery many years earlier. It was summer and the sun had clearly set on both of us. It had been a few months since I had been in treatment and got a good hug when I came as a thank you for the last time.

As a rule, I wear hipster panty ol as underwear when I go for treatment, but this day I had been given the hour after I had come to work. I wore a long dress with a squat at the front and a pretty gorgeous lingerie set consisting of a salmon red stringtanga and bra. I felt that undressing my dress and laying down in just the string rope got a bit hefty, but I had got there so that I had no choice. He didn’t let me undress alone in the room, but he stood and waited for me to start undressing. I started snapping up the dress from the top down. Showed more and more of my body, which is well trained, but I think even I have a big ass and too powerful thighs. I usually stripped in front of him and felt a little uncomfortable. When I stood there in front of him in his underwear, it came spontaneously from him;

̃Wow- so sexy. I felt like I was blushing and he responded by giving me a towel that I could put over my hips and back to make me feel a little more comfortable. What was this I was thinking? This had never happened before. I was a little piqued by the situation, but pushed the feeling away.

I lay on my stomach on the bench covered with a big towel and he started kneading and massaging his scalp, which he always does and worked his way down gradually. It freed up a lot of emotions in…