Ezra Finch
14 min readSep 11, 2022

There are not a few who believe that Sexual Education is an age-old problem.

It is true that we have been talking about it for years, but if we refer to the infinite millennia that have passed since homo sapiens appeared on earth, it can certainly be said that it is a recent invention of human anxiety. Certainly a minority group, because the vast majority of men couldn’t care less.

Sex, perhaps it is true, a certain curiosity must have always aroused her, but each one took it off in his own way.

Giusy was a spicy blonde, one of those who always play until she falls exhausted.

He played in kindergarten, in the garden, at home.

Nino, her little friend, a few years older, who lived upstairs, was her favorite companion, as wild as she was, but always ready to indulge her as soon as he could, especially on holidays, when school was closed. and the parents preferred to rest, he called him, they went to the large room, at the back of the house, where there was a bit of everything, table, chairs, a blackboard, empty boxes’, and there they ran, drawings, blind fly, catcher , or, rarely, a little rest, in front of the television, if they were showing some cartoon. Nino preferred Heidi, who reminded him a little of Giusy, the blonde.

‘Nino, my pee escapes, I’m going to the bathroom.’

‘I’m coming too, so do I.’

Giusy lowered her panties, sat on the vase. After a while he took the toilet paper, wiped himself, pulled up his panties.

Nino unbuttoned his pants, lifted the lid of the jar, took out his willy, and began to make it.

Incredible, but it was the first time that Giusy had seen a boy pee. The first time she saw a willy.

He came even closer, bent down.

‘Show’ what is it that you have ‘what is this?’

Nino shrugged.

‘It’s brinca.’


‘That’s what grownups call it, in my father’s town. I heard them when we went to Bosa to visit our grandparents. ‘

To Giusy that name, Bosa, meant nothing, it could have been two or two thousand kilometers away.