Good night

Ezra Finch
11 min readSep 15, 2022

‘I finally feel satisfied’

my anus, exhausted by the long rides of this night and anesthetized by copious libations based on urine and secretions of huge members, has stopped screaming its piercing desire, as I start the car engine, light a relaxing cigarette and begin to remember ‘

For months now I have been doing nothing but wandering around porn sites based on transsexuals, they turn me on to death, I masturbate at least three times a day fantasizing about those beautiful female bodies, adorned with long and big erect rods, often used to widen the tender anal sphincters of handsome muscular guys.

I often hit the bathroom floor, deflowering myself with any object that has a distant resemblance to some large bird.

In recent months in my semivirgin rectum there have been profusions of bananas, carrots, zucchini and cucumbers, but the emotion of real meat, of someone who, with foja, mercilessly plunges your backside, without stopping to make you get used to it , but pushing it even deeper to make you feel completely dominated, I miss it crazy.

It’s time for me to dedicate myself to a cock in the flesh!

I wait with undisguised impatience for evening to come, I do the math, I have 300 euros available, it will be enough for three long anal sex, I undress completely naked and I put myself in the bathtub with a long and tapered carrot, I will need to spread a little hole and to expel any small remnant of feces from the intestine.

I slowly begin to push it beyond the folds of the anus, the carrot rises slowly, I push firmly, I feel a little burning, but the heat that surrounds me fully compensates for it, it doesn’t take much for my little ass to lubricate and the big vegetable slips entirely in the anus.

I begin to let it out completely, so that it allows the rectal scents to be expelled, and then I suddenly push it all in, the cock jerks, it begins to rise in a convulsive dance.

I don’t touch myself, I enjoy the subtle torture of ass drilled without the satisfaction of masturbation.

After a while the spontaneous contractions of the anus begin, the muscles of the rectum push the carrot out of the hole, but with force I make sure that the carrot goes all the way back, giving me…