Ezra Finch
7 min readSep 11, 2022

I will finally be able to fulfill my wish.

We were on the plane for the honeymoon. I had everything organized.

My beautiful wife had a special light in her eyes.

We had decided to move from reverie to reality.

After nine years of engagement we had imagined all the most incredible situations.

I knew deeply all of her cravings and fantasies. But above all, I understood what mine were.

The plan was simple, but I knew it would forever change my life and that of the woman I married.

We reached our destination. The deal was that I wasn’t going to fuck her in these two weeks.

We took a double for her and a single for me. Yes, because we had decided to revive our sexual feeling in a particular way.

Resort villages are usually full of couples, but also full of singles (especially men) who have a hard time getting laid.

There are the entertainers, often forced to take old babes to bed.

The waiters and all the most amazing characters that work there in that fun place.

My wife was young, beautiful and sexually insatiable. We had decided that she could do whatever she wanted.

It began like this: — love I’m going to the beach. I can’t take it anymore, I want cocks.

He told me. -I’ll come looking for you when I decide to tell you something.

I had to find something to do.

About six hours passed. She called me: -Come immediately. The door is not locked.

I found her on the bed. Her eyes were sparkling, like every time she felt an orgasm. Her legs still open.

She didn’t want to be touched, she just showed me the splashes of cum on her pillow. It was three spots. A really large one. I immediately thought that they couldn’t be the result of a single dick.

She told me: -I was lying prey to orgasms and I wanted to make me cum on my face.

You know that the first violent sketch is not well controlled. And two of them got the pillow dirty.

The third came inside my belly; the fourth was the smartest, he stuck it in my throat…