Living room beam

Ezra Finch
4 min readJun 27, 2022

Living room beam

I’m sitting here looking at you with hidden glances when you don’t notice. I look at your form and I play a whole movie in my head. You get up and walk towards the kitchen, after which I’ll come right behind you. I’ll take your arms around the mainstay of the living room. Holding you tight while I slip my lips barely over your throat to feel your skin. Kissing and sucking a little before I start biting you.

I slide my hands down your waist and refuse you to let go of the beam. Coming down to the thighs where I put a little pressure on, while I slide my tongue over your neck. Brings your hands up and away from your thighs. Lead them under your top, where I easily stroke you over your stomach and kiss me the way to your lips. I can feel your tow against mine, and I’m hugging me against you. My hands find their way up to your chest via the waist, where they first squeeze gently and gently.

I’ll let you have your arms loose, but it’s followed by a hind tank where the top is taken off. I lean you with my back against the beam and make out with you, before I bite you down the neck and slide your hands lightly over your body as I bend down. Kissing your stomach and lurking with your tongue under your pants. The buttons open slowly followed by the trousers being pulled down slowly, while I kiss my way down with my pants. You step out of your pants while I pull away a chair I put you in. Little bits and kisses on the insides of your thighs. My hands are on your stomach.

Finally, I approach the midpoint, where I then lurk a little with my tongue along the edge, and then tempt you through your underwear so that it gets damp. I finally pull it aside and gently put my mouth over your mouse. Genital lips and clit. Kisses you tenderly all over your mouse and works me inward. I’ll spread you a little with two fingers before I let my tongue slide once over your opening before I again embrace your mouse with my mouth. Slide it again over the crack and appear on the clit. Slips two fingers into your mouth, which you have to suck as if it were my dick. Make it good and wet. I gently slide them into you, and I feel a little forward. Making a battle plan. Spreads you more with the other hand so that it is possible to let your tongue play with the clit contemporary as I explore you. I curl my fingers a little and…