Monday morning

Ezra Finch
6 min readSep 13, 2022

Last night I must have left the tent moved. In the absolute darkness a glimmer of light filters through, just enough to wake me up. I don’t open my eyes waiting for the mind to realize where I am, what to do, what time it will be. It will surely be another gray and rainy, cold and boring day. I barely remember closing the alarm clock and turning to the other side, covering my bare shoulders with the warm duvet. It is probably late. I notice it from the light that comes in, from the noises coming from the courtyard, from the excited voices of the people on the street. But they reach me so far away ‘.

I stretch out in bed enjoying the warmth I feel. The feeling of nakedness is wonderful and getting out of bed is tiring. Slowly the eyes get used to the dim light. I open them slowly, peering at the time projected by the alarm clock on the ceiling. As I feared, it is very late, but this morning I don’t have to rush to the office. It’s Monday. I can take it easy. The appointment is set for 11.30 ′. Once in a while I have time for myself.

I slowly uncover my shoulders, freeing my arms. I observe the swelling of the duvet at the height of the breasts. I feel them pressing against the blanket, I feel them hard and aching. I discover those too, letting them reveal themselves to my sight. The nipples are dark and hard. The large, round and wrinkled areoles. I place my warm hands on the small sensitive…