Soul and body for medicine

Ezra Finch
3 min readAug 28, 2022

Hello, 34 years old .. cute … a beautiful body … I had recently been operated on for an inguinal hernia, and I had to go and take off my stitches … the nurse makes me undress and calls the doctor … a beautiful woman about 40/45 (a few minutes earlier she had entered in civilian clothes passing through the anteroom of the clinic, and had noticed that I had observed her with admiration) enters and he looks at me with a weird smile, but I was tense from the pain that the stitches gave me, I don’t even care … he puts on the gloves, and takes the stitches off … then, I thought it was the routine examination he feels my testicles saying it’s okay … and he takes my cock in his hand, and masturbating it slowly asks me if I felt something … he blows on it … I tense it didn’t even stand up,between the pain from the extraction of the stitches and the embarrassment … she turns to the nurse who was turned away and wrote the report, tells her to make an appointment for a more specific visit in her private clinic, when she said so I look like about dying I thought that something was wrong (but a few days before I had had some erection), he told me that I shouldn’t worry, but that he just wanted to deepen the visit.

The following Friday I show up for the visit late (12.30 I had an appointment at 11.00) there was only an old man left before my shift.

I went in and saw her she was even more beautiful than I remembered her, she had her hair gathered up on her head and with a very professional air that gave her that pinch of mystery that intrigues a man, she told me to undress, and in the meantime she asked me questions about any pain that I had felt you have testicles or other, to better control he told me to lie down on the bed … he starts feeling my testicles with a doubtful face (I was terrified) then he masturbates me and tells me to relax and tell her when I felt the heat … the heat I discovered with enthusiasm it was his mouth, I start to suck it I had gone from terror to heaven ..

and I get on top if I put it on without problems fucking myself with energy… I felt waves of wet flow in her vagina moaning and telling me not to stop me that she was coming over and over again, I turned her on all fours, and after a while I filled her pussy with cum…. I took advantage of the sperm that came out to use it as a lubricant to ass-fuck her and my cock at first struggled a bit (and a bit big about 6 cm in diameter) but then I felt her anus adhering to my cock, until it slammed balls against sitting I could hear moaning and moaning from pain / pleasure .. because her husband had it small and it had never been opened like this… I came inside her a couple of times…. she wanted to fuck to exhaustion … I came six times before giving up, not even my wife, and between us there is