Ezra Finch
14 min readSep 7, 2023

I wake up slowly, as if from an artificial sleep, my head is heavy, I can’t connect, I try to stretch, but I realize my hands are tied, I open my eyes and I begin to remember!

I just got out of the house, I’m horny, I crave a big tool on the smooth body of a beautiful shemale, I just smoked a joint, I like to get ass fucked under the influence of hashish, I enjoy like a pig, it seems to me that the dick that is fucking me is bigger, and i’m much hornier.

I head to the alternative local ‘Viceversa’, frequented by trans and trav, in search of my sodomizer tonight, I have a lot of desire and when I feel like this I can’t control myself!

Before going out I wore tight jeans, a short white t-shirt that almost reveals my pretty tummy and my beloved converse whose smell of rubber mixed with the sweat of the feet I don’t know why but it turns me on as hell!

The only underwear, a dark gray thong that slipping between the buttocks reminds me more and more of the fierce desire for a club that pervades me.

As soon as I arrive I shoot a pair of daiquiris looking around to find my predator, there are several attractive options, point a blonde, she will be 1.85 tall, black leather boots, shiny with heels of at least 15 cm, very short dress in silver lam & egrave which leaves the firm and smooth buttocks abundantly uncovered, revealing the thin thread of the thong, busty and round breasts as I like it, who knows what the endowment will be like.

In a moment I feel the balls shrink and the shaft get hard, I’m very horny, I decide to go to the bathroom to shoot me a handjob and calm down a bit, maybe if I’m lucky I’ll also find some cock looking for a blowjob.

As soon as I move I notice that the blonde follows me, hopefully I pass the door of the toilet and I slip into one of the bathrooms, leaving the door ajar, in a corner a big dark boy is also sucking the soul of a skinny blonde with a huge member, from the door next to mine come the moans of someone who is enjoying a good brushing of the intestine, I wait hopefully, but I decide that, in the meantime, a good wank will calm me down and make the next meeting longer.

I undo the flap and take it out, I begin to expertly massage it, I instantly relax, close my eyes and lick my fingers wet with…