Ezra Finch
4 min readAug 22, 2022

Tamara is a sweet girl from Padua: 1.65m, redhead with wavy hair, hazel eyes like a
doe, soft ass (but she never gave it to me!) And with two fabulous tits! In addition to a language that is a whole program…
It’s early June, I’m at home, I should (the conditional is a must!) ‘Studying for a near exam… The intercom rings: it’s Tamara, she
surprised me! After the first moment of indecision, I let her into the house and, since she wastes no time starting to kiss me, I immediately begin to explore her light dress (it’s 33 degrees outside!): The slut hasn’t put on her bra , from what I hear …
we are in the hall, I have already pulled out her tits and I’m sucking her nipples when… No, the intercom again! Who will it ever be? Fuck, it’s the electrician: I called him the day before to install a spotlight and I forgot about it! I send Tamara up to the library, recommending her not to make noise.
I quickly rearrange myself and open the door; fortunately the electrician in question is a hasty person with few words:
I quickly point out the room where he will have to work (fortunately on the first floor, while Tamara is waiting for me on the second) and I let him do it, telling him that if he needs something, as long as call me from the stairs. I go up the ramp quickly, enter the library and find the
little hoe pretending to sleep on the floor: she took a pillow in my room, lay down on the floor, putting her thumb in her mouth like a baby … Now I wake her up! She continues to pretend and in the meantime I take off her denim miniskirt and panties … And good Tamara: you shaved the potato well! I start the assault with my fingers and tongue, I explore her hot receptacle and soon wet… What a slut! Now she has woken up completely: while I continue to lick her pussy and clit she undresses completely, takes a poop in her hand and licks it … moans with pleasure, the slut and soon comes … Do you think I’m satisfied with this? You are wrong! I feel my rod is going in the shot:
she notices it too, so she straightens up and jerks me off, accompanied by the skilful touch of her lips and tongue… It drives me crazy! Meanwhile, I slipped 3 fingers inside her, I masturbate her faster and faster, her face becomes a mask of pleasure … in a few minutes she cums again. By now I have it nice and hard and I don’t intend to allow this little slut to still enjoy only with her fingers: I make her lean on the bookcase, she puts the pillow in front of her face, I place myself…