Teresa a very slutty wife

Ezra Finch
10 min readAug 23, 2022

Hi my name & egrave Teresa, I am a thirty-three year old woman married for 5 to 5 years with Angelo, who is three years younger.
We are both of Neapolitan origins but we live in Milan where I teach law in a night school for accountants and my husband works as a janitor in the same school.
I am 1.60m tall with black hair and green eyes, I wear the third bra size I have a nice pair of legs although not very long given my “height”, but the part of me that attracts men the most is my nice little ass.
We moved to Milan after I won a competition and was assigned to the school where I still teach, two years after my marriage.
On the other hand, my husband, also a graduate, was still unemployed when we came to Milan.
I arrived at the virgin wedding and made love for the first time on my wedding night.
Angelo is endowed with an attribute of good size almost twenty centimeters and the first time he possessed me when he deflowered me he even hurt me a little.
Our sex life then continued satisfactorily at least for the first two years, when we were still living in Naples.
With the move, also because perhaps he felt humiliated by the fact that I was bringing the money into the house, my husband began to lose heart.
In fact, despite my countless efforts he could not get an erection, the more I did my best, the more his cock didn’t want to get hard.
I wore some very sexy underwear, gave him amazing blowjobs, but nothing his cock stayed as limp as a worm.
In the end he could only cum by jerking off while I exhibited in truly obscene poses.
Even his orgasm did not give him an erection, in fact he came away with his cock completely limp, leaving me completely unsatisfied.
Eventually, after much insistence, I forced him to go to a specialist doctor to see if this embarrassing problem could be resolved.
But even the doctor could do nothing, organically there was nothing abnormal, it was in his brain that the problem was lurking.
We went on for almost a year with this menage and for all this period I have not had sexual relations with my husband or with anyone else.
Naturally I suffered a lot from this situation and in desperation I confided in Lucia a colleague of mine.
Lucia immediately told me in no uncertain terms that I would do well to leave my husband or at least fill him with horns.
Probably Lucia did not keep to herself what I had confessed to him, in fact, the principal of the school, resumed to make a close court…