The lady of the brother

Ezra Finch
6 min readMay 7, 2022

Merethe’s name was her, this beautiful little blonde creature that her brother went to house this time.


yes, I was jealous of my brother then.

Three years younger than him, and full of hormones, so I’d give my right arm to get this gorgeous girl who was now standing in front of me shaking my hand.

Relatively small, around 1.50 circa, long blonde hair, slender, and with heavenly shapes.

In her bright jeans, I could see the outline of a stunning bouncy at the back, and a beautiful triangle at the front that almost invited to play and fun.

They hung around for a while these two, the brother and merethe, so I got to study her quite a bit.

I also often sneaked up spying on her in the shower through the keyhole, so I now knew she was 100% stroked. Bouncy, smooth-shaven sex and smooth legs. And those tits, wow. A good handful, firm and strutting, they stood straight out from her torso.

One day when my brother was at work, Merethe and I were alone in the house for many hours. We were pretty much in separate rooms, but the doors were open and we talked and laughed.

In the morning, I got hungry and went to the kitchen to cook. I then did, and took it with me towards the room again.

Out in the narrow hallway, I meet Merethe, and as we pass each other, I feel her hand gently stroking me across the front of my pants, right on the outside of where my dick was. I stiffened, and my dick stiffened…

Merethe walked on to the kitchen, and I was left a little bewildered, before I walked on into my room.

Did what really happen? Or was it an accident?

I sat the food down in the room, but stayed a little bit, still a little put out of the situation, but then I got buzzing again, and then I decided to test this out again.

I stood at the doorway listening for her, and now I heard her on the way back to the hallway again. I took some dirty glasses from the room with me in my hands, and walked out into the hallway towards her.

And again, I feel the touch of my dick, but she just passes me again and walks on to her room.