Unknown woman

Ezra Finch
8 min readMay 26, 2022

Rorbua in Stavern was packed with people. The mood was high, and everyone seemed to be having a great time this summer evening in early July. To be honest, I was bored.

to death and felt that the evening was until the degrees spoiled. The day had started well, me and my mates had taken stavern at noon this Saturday and immediately put a corner table on the roof terrace. There we had a full overview of everyone who came and went and the mood rose proportionally with the intake of beer throughout the afternoon. There were new people coming to our table and we had a bunch of close-ups for the evening.

And here I stood then, easily hurled up against a wall half an hour before closing time. The mates including the driver were gone, I had heard they had gone out to a campsite for a party, but which one no one had told. Increasing pressure on the thaws meant that the headache and hangover were also too severely advancing. Hell instead one got to try to get away home somehow I thought and envisioned a long night of hitchhiking towards Oslo.

At one point, she stood there next to me, a little slim girl who might have been a couple three years older than me. She had two glasses of beer in her hands and smiled nicely. You looked like you needed something to drink,” she said, winking. Sure, a free beer I couldn’t say no to and I accepted and tried to converse sensibly while the beer actually started to taste good again. As always just before closing time, the pace of the dance floor slowed down, and in a little while we stood tightly wrapped up with all the others who tried to squeeze the last one out of the evening before they had to part ways.

However, she wanted it differently. I want you, let’s get out of here was the very promising message he was almost shouted in his ear because of the music. Not unexpectedly, we left the venue at a certain speed, and after a quick discussion we found that it was too far home for both of us and that it was just as well to take a taxi to Larvik and enter the hotel there.

The night porter looked at us a little strangely as we fell into the reception well on a spin and demanded rooms for the night with no sign of luggage or other packing. At first he looked a little skeptical, but when prepayment was proposed, there was no longer a problem and the key to a double room