Why Keanu Reeves is too good for this world

Ezra Finch
4 min readMar 30, 2022

Keanu Reeves is a big name in Hollywood with films like The Matrix , Speed and John Wick . But despite his estimated net worth of more than 300 million euros, you will not soon catch the actor in diva behavior. In fact, there are so many stories of his good deeds floating around the internet that he has been called the nicest person in the world.

The fact that Keanu Reeves has always remained so humble is probably because of his life story. Although we consider him successful, he has had quite a few setbacks in his life.

Keanu Reeves had a difficult childhood

The Matrix actor’s father struggled with drug addiction and left his family when he was just two years old. He was eventually arrested in 1992 for selling heroin at Hawaii’s Hilo Airport.

After his parents divorced in 1966, his mother and sister moved to Sydney, Australia, then New York City, and finally Toronto, Canada. It was there that Keanu Reeves spent most of his childhood.

The actor had a hard time at school, partly because of dyslexia. As a result, he went to four different high schools and then dropped out at the age of 17. In an interview he shares that he also decided to become an actor at that age.

Career as an actor

From then on, Keanu Reeves took acting classes in the evenings and went on to act in theater productions. His first TV role was on a local Toronto television show, in which he played a “tough street kid.” He finally moved to Los Angeles in 1986 to try it in Hollywood.

His big break finally came in 1989 with the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure . Keanu Reeves starred in several films from then on, including the film Speed with Sandra Bullock. His best friend River Phoenix died while filming that blockbuster.

Setback after setback

The tragedy doesn’t end there. His daughter was stillborn in late 1999, the same year he appeared on the big screen with his most iconic role in The Matrix . Keanu and his girlfriend Jennifer Syme separated due to the loss of their child, but remained friends until Syme’s death. She died in 2001 after a car accident.