You and the delicious surprised

Ezra Finch
8 min readMay 6, 2022

Blindfolded, you slowly led me into space. The excitement was felt, and I felt my heart rate rise. What were you going to do? You led me over to a chair and told me to sit down. Then you tied my hands behind the back of the chair, before you wrote over me to sit on my lap. You kissed me up my throat and gently bit my lip. You wanted to excite me and I already felt it starting to tighten downstairs. Then you started unbuttoning my shirt, and you kissed me down the body as you loosened the buttons. Finally, loosen the button on my pants and slowly pulled the zipper down.

You put your hand in my pants and grabbed a good grip around my boxer. “I’m going to drive this one today,” you said, pressing your body against mine. I felt the silky soft fabric from your bathrobe against my body. You kissed me again, but this time you glued your lips to mine. It was an unbelievably delicious kiss! You pushed your tongue that played eagerly in my mouth. After several minutes of intense kissing, you stopped and I could feel you loosening up in your bathrobe. You stroked your hands behind my head, before leaning forward and whispering in my ear with a voice; “I don’t have a bra underneath.”

Soon after, you pressed my head between your breasts! You had the nicest, softest breasts, and it was an absolutely amazing feeling to sit like that. I felt like I got so, I thought I was going to blow up my boxer. You loosened the bond I had in front of my eyes before you pushed my head back again. The sight that met me was absolutely amazing! You had long dark hair, blue eyes, and a lovely smile surrounded by full lips. Your black silky-smooth robe hung lightly down your shoulders and covered your breasts halfway. You had firm and shapely breasts, and I could barely glimpse your light brown nipples.

You got on your knees between my legs before you grabbed my pants and ripped it off me. My limb stood stiff like a stick under the boxer, popping up in what you ripped off my pants. You pressed your tongue against my boxer and licked me up the shaft, before finally pulling the boxer off me. You put one hand around my scrotum and gently began to massage it, while again letting your tongue slide up the shaft. You grabbed my limb and gently jerked me off, while your eager tongue circulated playfully around the tip. Finally, put your soft lips around my limb…

Ezra Finch